Handmade Original Decors & Illustrations

Valentina's portrait

Hi, nice to meet you!
My name is Valentina, and I am the creative mind (and scribbled hand) behind Bag Of Secrets.
Everything started from an old refurbished bag, where we have put inside, day by day, stories, small secrets, little things and a bit of magic.

But Bag of Secrets is also a real space, a messy workshop where I try to merge all my passions: painting & drawing, polymer clay modelling, sewing, mixed media and design.

Please have a look at the galleries below, a little portfolio of what we usually do, and let’s keep in touch using the social profiles below.
Feel free of course also to get in contact, to know more about us, to buy some of our handmade stuff or to hire our skills for your project!

Illustrations Gallery

These are some of the illustrations we made recently.
Watercolors and acrylics on paper, canvas or wood, mixed media, and some digital works as well.

Handmade Gallery

These are some handmade ornaments we created in the last years.
Original crafts made of fabric, polymer clay, wood, and metal.